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Saturday, 12 December 2009

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4 Marketing Tips to Achieve YourNetBiz Success - The Must See YourNetBiz Opportunity Marketing Guide

If you are new to marketing the YourNetBiz Opportunity you will soon come to see that it is not as easy as you thought. There is a lot of conflicting information and strategies.

One 6 figure earner says this, and another says that. So what happens? You end up doing nothing!

I am talking from experience of marketing my primary businesses online my friend, take it from me it is hard work. However if you stick to just a few strategies or even just one you stand a greater chance of success.

If you want YourNetBiz Success follow this guide and try and master these strategies:

1) Article Marketing - As you can see this is one of my favourites. Write some quality articles and submit them to Ezine Articles.

The reasons I submit to Ezine Articles is it is the most popular Article directory out there. You can get large traffic to your website from the Ezine Article readers.

Secondly because it is so popular the search engines love it. So optimise your Articles for you chosen keyword and watch it rocket to page one in the search engines.

Articles allows you to provide some useful information to your readers and will in turn provide interest in you and your website. Guess what? this will lead to YourNetBiz Success.

2) Video Marketing - The power of a 2 minute video! This is a must have strategy. Once you have chosen your keyword and written your article do a video on it.

Limit your video to 2 minutes because the video community have a very short attention span. Simply provide some brief info on the chosen keyword and close with a call to action.

Make sure you tell the video watcher what you want them to do after the video. Place a link to your website in the description of the video to achieve this.

3) Social Media - This is a great way to add some fun to your marketing. Let me be clear here, this is a very different approach to video and article marketing.

First you want to build a list of friends, then interaction. Only when you have good interaction do you want to provide any link or info about your business.

You see the main focus on these web 2.0 sites is socializing, so don't go in there blasting your business or website link to all new friends.

I personally use Twitter and You Tube for this. Not many people remember that You Tube has a community within the site as well. I recommend it because you can do video marketing and social media marketing in one site.

4) Sales Funnel - Regardless if you use one or all of these marketing strategies as long as you are consistent you will get leads. Most people lose in marketing because they do not know how the top marketers get the most out of their leads.

The YourNetBiz Opportunity is a High Ticket business. So the reality of it is 95% of your leads will not join you. So what do you do with those 95% of the leads that say no?

Well I suggest you get paid for them. Does that sound good? The way to win and stay in the game is to effectively make your leads pay for your marketing effort.

The way to achieve this is to use a sales funnel that will allow you to make small commissions for the leads that say no to your primary YourNetBiz Opportunity.

If you follow my 4 tips above consistently you will achieve YourNetBiz Success.

Wayne Vassell has done his research and put together the YourNetBiz Success guide. To find out how you can get a head start in this business and generate 20+ leads a day on auto pilot and make money from the 95% that say no CLICK HERE.

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Monday, 7 December 2009

How to Make Money Online - Sales Page Vs Squeeze Page

There seems to be an endless debate going on in the internet marketing world about how to make money online--using a squeeze page versus a sales page. The main difference, obviously, is a squeeze page gives just enough information and some kind of give away to entice readers to opt-in to your list. The visitor does not see your sales page unless they opt-in. Using a sales page, the visitor sees exactly what you are offering, but you do not capture their information unless they make a purchase. You make a sale, but you are NOT building a list.

If you know anything at all about know which side of the debate I stand on. In case you don't know me...let me yell it our really, really loud...SQUEEZE PAGE, SQUEEZE PAGE!

Sure, having the initial sale is great, but having a list of people that you can market to over and over and over again is really where the money is at. If you have an autoresponder series that sends an email a day over the course of a year, that's 365 times you are getting your message out to people. This is just the basic principle of follow up. The more you follow up with your subscribers, the higher the percentage of responsiveness of your list you will see.

One important thing to point out here is that you don't have to write 365 emails to make this work. You can start out with, say, eight or ten, and then commit to writing one new email a day. If you don't get them all written, but you even get half of them done, that is STILL 182 emails that will go out. Not a bad number, and considering it is on is a really, really good number.

Another great thing about this is that you are training your list to receive emails from you on a frequent basis. If you make sure that each email that you send out directs your reader to valuable information, either free or paid, you will increase the probability that they will open future emails from will increase your income.

So let's review this. You are going to spend the same amount of effort driving traffic to your page. If the page is a sales page, you will have one opportunity to show the visitor what you have to offer and to turn them into a buyer. If the page is a squeeze page, that "one" opportunity can turn into 365 opportunities and more. To me, this is a no-brainer.

Put up your squeeze page, start driving traffic and get your autoresponders written-that's how to make money online!

Tellman Knudson is CEO of Overcome Everything. He and his team at The Listbuilding Club are passionate about teaching others the ins and outs of list building and other internet marketing strategies. Learn more about how to make money online by visiting

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